It was amazing to see how easy it is to prepare meals for several days in a row.  Chef Devon is passionate about food and the preparation of food. Her experience and knowledge gave me great insight about how to better take care of my health as I am always seemly to busy to prepare meals.  I learned invaluable lessons that I will never forget from Chef Devon.

Mike R.
South Lake Tahoe, CA



Chef Devon, a Healthy Personal Chef for all occasions created meals made to order at an event we had for 25 health conscious people. The meals she made were sealed fresh for an entire week of deliciousness. These elegant dishes made from scratch, hit all the high points, fresh, seasonal, gluten-free, low-carb, and organic. All of our guests appreciated the education and everyone said they learned something from Chef Devon during the Green Apron Event.

If you are searching for a vegetarian, vegan dish, or something special to fit your dietary needs, you can count on Chef Devon utilizing healthy whole foods to have you feeling full and satiated whenever and where ever she cooks for you!  YUM! Thank you, Chef Devon!

Sheryl L.
South Lake Tahoe, CA


Devon prepared us dinner in celebration of my birthday celebration in Lake Tahoe.  Everything was perfect!  Not only was the food absolutely phenomenal, but her service and care she took in assuring every detail was handled was flawless.  From the specialty cocktail all the way through till the delicious dessert she went above and beyond to make it such a treat.  I would highly recommend her!

Diane S.


We were delighted with the meals prepared for us by Devon and Alex.  Devon asked many questions to ensure she understood our family’s tastes and preferences, and provided suggestions and ideas when planning the meals (which made it much easier for me!).  She and her assistant Alex were courteous and very friendly, and they arrived, prepared, and served the meals on time.  The food was delicious, using fresh ingredients, and every meal (we had 3 dinners) were a big hit, for the grown-ups and kiddos alike!  It made our vacation stay extra enjoyable and quite memorable.