Photo Gallery


Fried calamari with a sweet chili sauce, garnished with scallions, cilantro, and sesame seed-seaweed sprinkle.



Classic hummus garnished with cilantro and olive oil, served with toasted lavash.


Citrus Salad

Triple citrus (grapefruit, navel orange, and blood orange) and baby kale salad with roasted red and golden beets, shaved fennel, crushed pistachios, and white wine vinaigrette. Garnished with micro greens.


Grilled Flank Steak

Infused with a sweet and tangy Asian-inspired marinade, then grilled, and topped with crispy onion tumbleweeds. Plated with a carrot-ginger purée, and drizzled with scallion oil.


Grilled Shrimp

Blackened shrimp skewers with grape tomatoes, atop avocado-corn salsa, served with a black bean purée.


Seared Scallops

With cauliflower-vanilla purée, roasted cauliflower, beet micro greens, and a mushroom demi-glace.


Rack of Lamb

Garlic and rosemary crusted rack of lamb, with cremini mushroom risotto, mint-pea purée, and micro greens.


Culinary School

Some of my favorite dishes I made while attending culinary school.