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What is Mirepoix? | TheSaucyCulinarian.com

What is Mirepoix?

I am often asked, “What is mirepoix? And why is it so important?”  The answers to these questions are actually quite complex. 1478

My Favorite Uses For Tarragon

It wasn’t until culinary school that I learned about the uses for tarragon and how flavorful and wonderful this delicate herb truly is.  I had heard of it, but never knew any of it’s wonderful attributes: flavor profile and how it can enhance…

10 Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner Ideas: Thomas Keller's Chocolate Souffle Recipe | TheSaucyCulinarian.com

10 Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner Ideas

Spending Valentine’s night at home for a more intimate evening?  Looking to add some more lovin’ in the kitchen to make a more memorable night?

Here are ten of my favorite romantic Valentine’s Day dinner, dessert, and cocktail ideas to help bring that…

Lox, Gravlax, Nova Lox, and Smoked Salmon: Is There a Difference? | TheSaucyCulinarian.com

Know Your Salmon: Lox, Nova Lox, Gravlax, and Smoked Salmon

We’ve all heard the terms lox, Nova lox, Gravlax, and smoked salmon; I have even seen them used interchangeably, but is there really a difference among these four types of delicious preparations of salmon?  The answer is yes, although the differences are…

Sweet Potatoes vs. Yams: Is There a Difference? | TheSaucyCulinarian.com

Sweet Potatoes vs. Yams: Is There a Difference?

Let’s end this mystery and great debate, shall we?

Are sweet potatoes and yams the same thing?
No, they are not.

It turns out even I was misinformed about these two terms throughout my entire life AND in culinary school.  I was always told that…

What Exactly Is "Curry?" | TheSaucyCulinarian.com

What Exactly Is “Curry?”

A common misconception by Western culture is that curry is merely “curry powder,” like found in the spice section of the supermarket, a single standardized spice to enhance the flavor, color, and aroma of a dish.  Another misconception is that curry is…

Hangover Remedies | TheSaucyCulinarian.com

Cure That Hangover

Who hasn’t been searching for a way to cure the common cocktail flu?  The truth is there really isn’t a “cure,” per se, but there are certainly some items which will help take away the  aching head, queezy stomach, and overall “hangover”…

Must-Try Event: Best in the West Nugget Rib Cook-Off | TheSaucyCulinarian.com

Best in the West Nugget Rib Cook-Off


Attention, barbecue and rib lovers, this post is for you.  If you love everything about barbecued meats: the smell of meat being smoked for hours on end, the sweet and tangy sauce tantalizing your taste buds and dripping down your face and…

Charcuterie: Explained | TheSaucyCulinarian.com



Before culinary school, I had never heard of charcuterie before, so I didn’t know it is actually a part of my everyday life.  Simply put, it is a facet of cooking devoted to specialty meats like (to name a few) pancetta, sausages,…

Commonly Mispronounced Kitchen Items | TheSaucyCulinarian.com

Commonly Mispronounced Kitchen Items

For a little help with some of those confusing French terms and other pesky kitchen or restaurant items that can leave some people a bit tongue-tied:

Foie Gras — fwah-GRAW

Gazpacho — gahz-PAH-cho (not “gaz-pa-chEE-oh”)

Le Creuset — lay-crew-SAY

Charcuterie — shar-KOO-terr-ee

Prawns — prahns (