Month: February 2014

Slow Cooker “Refried” Beans


Using my Crock-Pot is one of my favorite ways to cook.  The “set it and forget it” concept, and the smells emulating from the slow cooker all day, just make for a wonderful and easy way to cook meals.

I came across…

Classic Hummus Recipe |

Classic Hummus


I am seriously a huge fan of hummus, I am helplessly addicted to it — especially when it’s homemade… and with roasted red peppers!  I adapted this recipe from one I made in culinary school, which was amazing; it’s a classic and…

10 Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner Ideas: Thomas Keller's Chocolate Souffle Recipe |

10 Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner Ideas

Spending Valentine’s night at home for a more intimate evening?  Looking to add some more lovin’ in the kitchen to make a more memorable night?

Here are ten of my favorite romantic Valentine’s Day dinner, dessert, and cocktail ideas to help bring that…

Lox, Gravlax, Nova Lox, and Smoked Salmon: Is There a Difference? |

Know Your Salmon: Lox, Nova Lox, Gravlax, and Smoked Salmon

We’ve all heard the terms lox, Nova lox, Gravlax, and smoked salmon; I have even seen them used interchangeably, but is there really a difference among these four types of delicious preparations of salmon?  The answer is yes, although the differences are…

Sweet Potatoes vs. Yams: Is There a Difference? |

Sweet Potatoes vs. Yams: Is There a Difference?

Let’s end this mystery and great debate, shall we?

Are sweet potatoes and yams the same thing?
No, they are not.

It turns out even I was misinformed about these two terms throughout my entire life AND in culinary school.  I was always told that…