Countertop Oven

January 21, 2014 | Kitchen Must-Haves

My countertop oven has to be my most frequently used kitchen appliance.  Not only do I use it for toasting bread, but I bake and roast items in it quite frequently.  Especially with there only being two of us in the house, the countertop oven helps with making smaller items like fries, frozen pizzas, broiling steaks, heating leftovers, and even baking brownies.  I find it a more practical choice over the full-sized oven as the countertop oven takes only a couple of minutes to heat up and uses a small amount of energy, versus the regular oven taking ten minutes to heat, and using a lot of gas.

The model pictured here is the one I currently have at home (the Smart Oven by Breville), and I just LOVE this thing!  The number of settings are remarkable.  It’s definitely “top of the line,” as far as countertop ovens/toaster ovens go, but with it’s daily use in our house, it has more than paid for itself… a hundred times over.

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