Eating By Color

July 17, 2013 | Good Reads


I was given the cookbook Eating By Color as a gift from a friend some years ago; it was one of the first books in my cookbook library.  Even then as a budding foodie, I fell in love with it immediately.  One large part of what I have always loved about food is how colorful and vibrant it can be; from meats to fruits, the array of colors and textures are completely stunning.  Something I learned in culinary school, and believe wholeheartedly, is that a beautifully plated dish needs to contain multiple colors (usually in a contrasting, yet complimentary way).

The nature of this cookbook is to not only focus on the array of colors which foods (vegetables, fruits, grains, and nuts) have to offer, but it mainly focuses on the health benefits that foods of different colors have, and promoting a healthy way of eating.  The book is broken down into six “chapters” for the different color classifications: purple and blue, green, white and tan, yellow and orange, red, and brown (which consists of whole grains, legumes, seeds, and nuts).

Another fantastic aspect of the book, is each color chapter begins with a table of basic produce availability during the different seasons throughout the year.  This is not only helpful for the availability of foods, but cost as well — if produce is in season, it is less expensive.  The book also covers the basics (namely health benefits) for fruits and vegetables, grains and legumes, as well as covering some of the basic cooking techniques like grilling and roasting, and creating a healthy meal.

Here is a small excerpt from the book which is truly a great foreshadowing of what lies within its covers:

Initially, a cookbook organized by color that promotes a healthy diet sounds like a flight of fancy.  Focusing on the red of tomatoes or the yellow of squash seems like a distraction when you are trying to cut out “bad” foods and fill up on “good” ones on your path to healthier eating.  But in fact, the best and most natural way to improve your diet is to start thinking about the colors on your plate.

If you are looking to incorporate more healthy cooking techniques, fruits, and vegetables into your diet, or you already do and are looking for a fresh take and creative ways to prepare them, I highly recommend checking out this book.

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