Teriyaki Burger with Fried Egg

June 19, 2012 | Main Courses Recipes

Feigning a Bachi Burger-style burger (a thick and juicy meat patty bursting with teriyaki flavor, sweet onion essence, buttery fried over-easy egg, fluffy bun), but unable to make a trip to the scrumptious burger joint, we came up with the idea for the Teriyaki Burger with Fried Egg to make at home.  Our creation became an instant classic.  This burger is amazing.

This is not so much a recipe, but more of a “how to” per se, for one of the best homemade burgers I have ever made.
Here is the ingredient list:
– 80/20 Ground Beef
– Teriyaki Glaze (note: not “sauce,” the glaze is very thick, a crucial element to this burger)
– Salt & Pepper
– Cheddar Cheese Slices
– Bacon Strips (cooked)
– Fried Eggs (over-easy is delightful if you like gooey yolks, if not, just cook them over-medium/hard)
– Avocado Slices
– Sliced Green Onions
– Mayonnaise
– Large Burger Buns

We started off by mixing some of the teriyaki glaze into the meat, just a light drizzle.  Then we made large patties, right around 1/3 – 1/2 pound, and seasoned both sides with a light dash of salt and pepper.  Next we grilled our burgers like normal.  Before adding the cheese on top of the patties within the last few minutes of grilling, we poured a small amount of glaze onto the patties (also at this time, we like to put the buns on the grill insides down to give them a light crunch on the inside and to warm them).  To assemble the burgers, put mayo on both bun halves, lay down the patty (which should have the melted cheese on already), add on the bacon strips and fried egg, then the avocado slices, and sprinkle on some green onion slices… add the top bun.  Eat.  Be overcome with burger deliciousness like you have never experienced before.  Thank me.

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