Ohana Hawaiian BBQ: Las Vegas

June 28, 2012 | Las Vegas Restaurant Recommendations

It was shortly after Alex and I moved to Las Vegas when we accidentally stumbled upon Ohana Hawaiian BBQ in a large strip mall near our house one afternoon.  It was a truly remarkable find.  Not only is the food unbelievably delicious, served piping hot, and addictive, but the prices are extremely reasonable (and their portions are huge).  There are four locations around the Las Vegas area, mostly in the south part of town.

Upon walking inside, you pass through a very tidy and clean dining area, filled with lots of Aloha charm, to an ordering counter.  Up on the wall is a large menu with a wide array of items to pick from: BBQ Chicken Bowl (served with rice and steamed vegetables), Musubi (Hawaiian-style sushi with items like spam or Chicken Katsu wrapped in nori with rice), traditional Hawaiian plate lunches (one of their incredible meats paired with rice and house-made macaroni salad), and even burgers, sandwiches, and fries.

General Tao’s Chicken

A new addition to the Eastern and Blue Diamond locations is an Asian inspired menu.  Our favorite dish by far is their Mongolian Beef (pictured above).  The meat is tossed in a tangy, very spicy, and somewhat sweet sauce, along with scallions and onions.  The meat is perfectly tender so you can bite through the larger pieces, and the dish comes with a side of rice.  Another favorite of ours is their sweet and spicy General Tao’s Chicken (pictured to the right).  The light breading on the chicken combined with the slightly sticky sauce is truly delicious.

Ohana also has a large selection of sides and appetizers to choose from as well: Pineapple Crab Rangoon (pictured below), Kim Chi, Manapua, Malasadas, and Gravy Fries are just a few they have to offer.

The restaurant is family friendly, very budget friendly, and they do “to-go” orders as well.

Pineapple Crab Rangoon

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