Commonly Mispronounced Kitchen Items

April 14, 2012 | Other Goodies

For a little help with some of those confusing French terms and other pesky kitchen or restaurant items that can leave some people a bit tongue-tied:

Foie Gras — fwah-GRAW

Gazpacho — gahz-PAH-cho (not “gaz-pa-chEE-oh”)

Le Creuset — lay-crew-SAY

Charcuterie — shar-KOO-terr-ee

Prawns — prahns (not “prongs,” forks have “prongs,” not shrimp)

Nicoise (salad) — nee-SWAHS

Mirepoix — MEER-pwah

Chipotle — chee-POTE-lay (not “chi-pole-tay,” you will anger anyone from California or the Southwest if you mispronounce this one)

Endive — Surprisingly, it can be pronounced two ways, and both are correct: on-DEEV or EN-dive

Jalapeño — hala-PAY-neo (say it quickly, and almost don’t pronounce the “e” in the last “sounded out” syllable, and the “ñ” will come out as almost a rolling “n” sound; another item which will anger Californians or Southwestern folk if mispronounced)

Kalamata (olive) — kah-lah-MAH-tah


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