Month: April 2012

Enchiladas Verdes Topped with Fresh Scallions and Cilantro |

Enchiladas Verdes

One evening, with a one-track mind craving enchiladas, I came up with this recipe.  Loaded with lots of ooey gooey cheese, Ortega chiles, black beans, Southwestern spices, and rotisserie chicken (to name a few ingredients), these enchiladas are absolutely delicious and are…

Commonly Mispronounced Kitchen Items |

Commonly Mispronounced Kitchen Items

For a little help with some of those confusing French terms and other pesky kitchen or restaurant items that can leave some people a bit tongue-tied:

Foie Gras — fwah-GRAW

Gazpacho — gahz-PAH-cho (not “gaz-pa-chEE-oh”)

Le Creuset — lay-crew-SAY

Charcuterie — shar-KOO-terr-ee

Prawns — prahns (

About Truffles |


Now I’m talking about the fungus truffles, not the rich, dark chocolates.  During my first quarter in culinary school, we had to pick a topic for a research paper.  I chose truffles because I didn’t know much about them (other than they…