Salt Keeper

February 17, 2012 | Kitchen Must-Haves

This little guy’s permanent home is right next to my stove for easy accessibility while cooking.  I prefer to keep kosher salt in mine, but you can keep any kind of salt in it.  The specific kind pictured to the right is Williams-Sonoma’s Olive Wood Salt Keeper, the one I have in my own kitchen.  I was drawn to its beautiful wood grain, and especially to its magnetic closure; the lid is on a swivel and stays closed by a tiny magnet (great to help avoid spillage if I accidentally bump it with my hand), which is very easy to open with one hand if your other is busy tending to an item on the stove.  You can find salt keepers at just about any kitchen supply store and they come in various different styles, price ranges and materials to match your kitchen and preference.  I also prefer to have a salt keeper by my stove because it can house a lot of salt, which adds ease in the kitchen for me so I don’t have to keep running to my pantry for salt while preparing a recipe.

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