Le Creuset Dutch Oven

February 17, 2012 | Kitchen Must-Haves

The original crock pot (pronounced “lay crew-say”).  This modern version of the old Dutch oven is designed for stove-top or oven cooking.  This enamel-coated cast-iron beauty works wonders with long, slow cooking methods; a perfect cooking vessel for roasts, stews and casseroles.   I am partial to the Le Creuset dutch oven because of the company’s reputation of excellence, wide range of colors they offer, and their labor-intensive molding process (the ovens are individually crafted from a sand mold which is destroyed after just the one use, so each oven is unique), which I find very interesting.  There are many other brands of cookware which produce the Dutch oven of course, Staub, for instance.  My favorite recipe so far using the Dutch oven definitely has to be Split Pea Soup.

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