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February 8, 2012 | Good Reads

Obviously, you have made it this far in my blog because you are a true fan of food like I am.  So it’s safe for me to say, if you haven’t picked up an issue of Food Network Magazine yet, you are truly missing out.  I have only had one magazine subscription in my entire life, and it is to Food Network Magazine.  This magazine is truly wonderful, especially if you are a fan of not only food, but the TV channel and its chefs.  Every issue has a common theme (Thanksgiving, chocolate, light recipes) and they really run with it in a fun and whimsical way from recipes to articles to gift ideas.

Fun gift ideas and where you can find them.

Since each issue is full to the brim with delicious and easy to make recipes, near the front of the magazine is an index listing all of the recipes and what page they can be found (a great time saver if you need to refer back to a past issue for a specific recipe).  The index is even broken down into categories like vegetables and sides, soups and sandwiches, appetizers, and sometimes even cocktails.  Some of the recipes are from your favorite Food Network chefs.

You will also find interesting articles about your favorite Food Network chefs, latest food trends, and much more.  My favorite part of the magazine is its enticing layout; it is truly creative and remarkable.  I am never bored reading this magazine with all of the fun eye appealing twists they throw in every issue.

An example of a “behind the scenes” article.

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