The Crock-Pot

February 17, 2012 | Kitchen Must-Haves

What a wonderful, time-saving, and ease-adding invention the Crock-Pot is.  The versatility and range of sizes are what I like best.  With the ease of its “set it and forget it” capability, the Crock-Pot allows you to make incredible home-cooked meals without having to spend the time slaving over the stove for hours.  From stews, to hot party dips, to slow cooking meats, the Crock-Pot offers and endless list of what you can do with it.

Some of my favorite must-try Crock-Pot recipes are: Slow Cooker “Refried” Beans, Beef Stew, and the infamous Tahoe Tacos.

Also, check out my entire Pinterest board just for Crock-Pot Creations!

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  1. […] the soup at the proper holding temperature, after completing it on the stove, I transferred it to a Crock-Pot and set it to low; it ended up being a genius idea as none of the soup caked onto the sides or […]

  2. […] my Crock-Pot is one of my favorite ways to cook.  The “set it and forget it” concept, and the […]

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