Casa Orozco: Dublin

February 16, 2012 | Bay Area Restaurant Recommendations

Mexican food.  Tied at first place with sushi as my favorite food.  It’s just delicious.  The flavors, the textures, it fills you up (due to it normally being pretty high in fat, hence, most of the flavor), you can’t seem to stop eating it off your plate after you’re uncomfortably full, it’s cheesy, hearty, comforting.  Casa Orozco delivers all of these wonderful qualities with their Mexican food.  Out of the hundreds of Mexican restaurants I have dined at in my entire life, this is by far my favorite.

As mentioned in the About Me page, I lived for a short while in Dublin in my early 20’s.  At this time, Casa Orozco was a small “mom and pop”-type operation, but always, without a doubt, full to the brim with diners every night of the week — requiring a waiting list for a table.  This restaurant became so successful in the years which followed, that they have added two expansions and now it’s the size of a small castle — and still as busy.  Why?  The food.  It is amazing.  The prices are reasonable, the portion sizes are spot on, and the flavor is just stellar.  I have never had a bad meal there, ever.  My favorite dish is the Shrimp Enchiladas Orozco: two enchiladas stuffed with tender blue tiger shrimp sautéed in wine and butter then topped off with their own rich, white cream sauce.  They are served with the house rice and you must try their refried beans with it as well.  Now, my I pride myself on my sensitive palette and being able to deconstruct sauces (or just about anything I eat), and I cannot figure out what is in this white sauce.  So far all I have is butter, sour cream and some kind of white wine… it is simply delicious!!

When you sit down, you are given the traditional chips and salsa; they are both incredibly awesome as well.  The salsa has just the right amount of spice, and the chips are always crunchy, perfectly salted, and warm.  I highly recommend taking advantage of their large tequila selection, it is quite impressive, and their outdoor dining area.  A definite must-try restaurant the next time you find yourself in the East Bay.

*The next time I make it to the Bay Area, I promise I will get a picture of the enchiladas and post it for you.  You will want to make the journey, no matter how far, just to try them.  In the meantime, check out the link to their site above and their homepage has a video that will give you a great visual of the restaurant, the ambiance and the food.

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