Mix ‘N Masher

January 29, 2012 | Kitchen Must-Haves

If you like to make guacamole, but don’t have the storage space for the proper tool to make it (the molcajete y tejolote), I suggest picking up Pampered Chef’s Mix ‘N Masher.  This tool yields perfect results for making guacamole every time – and within 30 seconds!  It can mash the avocados lightly enough for chunky guacamole, or heavily for a more smooth and creamy dip.  This little hidden gem comes in at only $10.50.  Pair it with the Avocado Peeler for the ultimate guacamole-making kit.

It is also wonderful for making perfectly creaming mashed potatoes.

And for some help getting the guts out of your avocados, check out Pampered Chef’s Avocado Peeler.

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