Lake Tahoe Lobster

January 29, 2012 | Good Reads

I find this article on the Lake Tahoe Lobster very interesting as it has to do with one of my favorite foods, the crayfish, and my old stomping grounds, Lake Tahoe.  If you have never had crayfish, you are surely missing out.  If you like lobster and crab, you will like these little monsters.  They are very similar to lobster, but less expensive – and if you find yourself in the Tahoe area, they’re free!

Before moving to Vegas, one of my summer bucket list items was to do a crawfish feed, and I never got the chance.  I hope to the next time I make a trip up there.  I have heard an easy way to catch them is to stuff hot dog pieces down the leg of pantyhose and lower it in the water.  The crayfish try to pinch the hot dog to eat it and their claws get stuck in the pantyhose, and you just pull them out of the water.  The crayfish prefer to hang around large boulders or under piers, which Lake Tahoe is full of.

I hope you find this article as interesting as I did; I can’t wait until the project gets underway and these tasty little creatures make their appearance on Tahoe restaurant menus!

So stay tuned and I will let you know when I make it back up there and get to do the crawfish feed (with recipes and photos, of course!).

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