Hamburger Seasoning

January 29, 2012 | Kitchen Must-Haves

I have been making burgers my entire life.  I have tried every combination of seasonings, various ingredients added to the ground meats, and cooking methods.  By far the best burger I have ever made has had one key ingredient added to the meat: Williams-Sonoma’s Hamburger Seasoning.  For just $10, you can pick up a large tin of this seasoning which consists of onion, sea salt, Worcestershire sauce, parsley, garlic, black pepper, and mustard.  This seasoning literally takes your burger meat to a whole new level.  If you make burgers a few times a month, this tin will last you maybe 6 months or so, making this a great deal to me considering how expensive spices can be.  As you only put a very small amount in with your burger meat, it is purely an enhancer, it is not meant to overpower the flavor of the meat.  It yields some of the tastiest and juiciest burgers I have ever had, and everyone I have ever made them for has demanded my “recipe.”

You can also use it for turkey burgers, or if you have frozen patties (beef or other), you can sprinkle a little on top of each patty.  I do have to somewhat forewarn you about how it smells when you open it; it has a strong odor that resembles dill, but after cooking with it, there is no trace of that smell or taste you might associate with it – it’s like it transforms in smell and taste as it cooks.  A truly remarkable find.

And being just a flavor enhancer, it goes with any cheese, topping or bun.

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